From year to year we are passionate about creating new products and applications using an extremely "poor" and lightweight material but with exceptional characteristics that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the market by giving the simplicity of the EPS product innovative facets.

We continue to invest resources and know-how daily in the creation of innovation dedicated to multiple sectors, and we try to comprehensively grasp the demands of our customers by devoting ourselves wholeheartedly to the development of new products.

Our growth goals are pursued with both industrial and environmental sustainability in mind by requiring us to make plant and machinery efficient on an ongoing basis.

A curiosity: why do we mold expanded polystyrene.

Andrea Visentin discovered Expanded Polystyrene during a pleasure trip to Germany in the early 1970s while buying a gift for his son Renzo Visentin, now a director of Cartoplastica s.r.l. And Errevi s.r.l., a Marklin toy train packed on a material not yet known in our country at the time: expanded polystyrene. Intrigued by the material A. Visentin promptly worked to begin molding it, considering it to be completely innovative because of its exceptional impact resistance and thermal sealing characteristics.

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